Interviewing Best Practices

November 20, 2012

Having the proper interviewing fundamentals will not only prepare you to hire right, but also drive your organization's success, increase retention rates and save you from a hiring nightmare.

Pre-Interviewing Preparation:

* It is important to have a thorough job description and a good understanding of the type of individual that will succeed in the role
* Review the questions you have created and identify what you 'ideal' responses might be
* Do an honest comfortable are you as an interviewer? First impressions count!

"Non-verbal" Basics:

* 50% of your message is delivered by non-verbal communication
* Positive body language: hand shake, appropriate eye contact, open 'alert' posture
* Potentially negative body language: fidgeting, fiddling with hair/objects, rocking in the chair, crossed arms/closed posture, head lowered

Interview Process:

* Be prepared
* Start with small talk to put the applicant at ease. This will entice responses that are less guarded
* Assess all candidates under similar conditions
* Keep notes to review following the interview
* Close the interview positively and share the 'next step' in the process

Interview Stages:

* Greeting and setting the stage - what impression do you create?
* Interview team questions & note taking - open/closed questions, hypothetical, behavior descriptive
* Candidate's questions - what can we learn from this?
* Closing - what happens next?
* Wrap-up - exiting with candidate, remember manners, observe body language

Common Interviewing Mistakes:

* Not leading the interview
* Talking too much and not listening/focusing
* Getting side tracked - not asking the same questions to each candidate
* Using the interview to simply confirm initial impressions (good or bad) - not being objective
* Asking inappropriate questions that could be viewed as discriminatory - eg. marital/family status, religion, country of origin

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