Did you know? Select offers referral bonuses

October 30, 2013

We are offering a $500 candidate referral bonus for many of our open jobs. Refer the successful candidate and get a cheque from us. We especially want to talk to Health and Safety professionals and Instrumentation Technicians. Know someone who would be great for any of these jobs? Call us at 403-382-3669.

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Live casino recruitment services are offered by many companies which work in partnership with the operator. For example, the process involves using specific procedures to test and evaluate potential applicants. All applicants need to be qualified by training or an equivalent job qualification. Some examples of organizations who are based in the field of recruitment services include MBA recruitment services, Casino Recruitment Inc. and Time Management Services Ltd. These companies employ qualified personnel who specialize in the live casino recruitment and staffing process. The company will review each resume and make recommendations about whether or not the applicant meets their qualifications and service level commitments. Most companies also offer training and certification programs in order to further improve the lives of casino personnel. New report with actual online casinos could help to select employment services. It's not an easy task for today.

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