Hiring? Key Elements to Look for in a Resume

HR Tips
April 09, 2012

Appearance The resume should be neat, professional, and easy to read. Information should flow in a logical sequence. If the applicant has taken the time to ensure the spelling and grammar is correct, it shows attention to detail, and that they have put effort into their application. Look for something that catches your eye, and holds your attention.

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Interview & Meeting Facility Rentals


Looking for a professional space to conduct your next meeting?

The right space and equipment can make all the difference when conducting meetings, seminars, and interviews.

Our recently renovated office space houses an exciting array of rooms ideally suited to effectively serve a multitude of business rental purposes, including boardrooms, workshop rooms, interview space, and a computer lab.

  • The newly revamped workshop rooms are bright, open areas with the ability to house up to 20 people comfortably. They provide full technological functionality in terms of computer, and multimedia equipment.
  • The boardrooms are designed for the professional, fully equipped with internet and videoconferencing technology.
  • Interview spaces provide a functional space to meet, while maintaining confidentiality.

Visit www.selectrecruiting.ca/gal-facility for photos of our facility.

If you are looking for meeting, training, interview, or seminar space, contact our office for full details on what our facility has to offer.