HR Tools

SELECT provides a menu of services designed to assist organizations of all sizes with their HR needs. We have assembled some helpful online tools in a few key areas. Expert consulting services are available in the following areas:


Want to know what your competitors are paying? Need accurate salary information for a new hire?

Whether you are determining pay for a new position or developing a compensation strategy, you need accurate salary information! These tools will provide you with the ability to calculate salary expectations for a wide variety of job titles, taking into account variance in the cost of living and geographic locations.

Payscale Calculator/Salary Surveys -

HR Manager

SELECT can operate as an outsourced HR manager for your organization, allowing you to focus on core business activities. We offer valuable services such as Policy & Procedure Manual Creation, Interview Training, and Exit Interview preparation and follow through.


People are your most valuable resource. As such, it is important to select, develop, and retain the BEST employees possible. Through our sister companies, Teamworks Career Centre & Teamworks Training Institute, we offer valuable workshops focused on recruitment, team building, and retirement.

These workshops are designed to encompass all areas of individual development and business, including computer skills, team building, and many more.

Call our office, or visit or for full details of programs offered!

Facility Rentals

We have state of the art Video Conferencing and Interviewing facilities. Available rooms include: a computer lab, workshop facilities, meeting space, and interview areas. Our rooms are comfortable, functional, and are fully equipped with the latest in meeting technology. Call us to learn how our facility can help you in your next recruitment!