New-Hire and Spousal Relocation Services

The relocation of employees from one location to another is an essential part of a corporation's growth. According to the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, the average cost of relocating an employee, with real estate involved, approaches $60,000 and for international transfers over $100,000. This is a significant investment for your corporation and it is critical that the relocation process goes smoothly for both the new-hire and their spouse. A comprehensive package of relocation will meet the needs of both individuals.

New-Hire relocation package:

  • Advanced electronic connections to the local housing market and community
  • Information on schools, community services, newcomer services
  • Introduction to recreational interests in Lethbridge
  • Orientation to Lethbridge with a dedicated tour guide upon arrival
  • Housing / accommodation search support

Spousal Relocation package:

  • Orientation to the job market and business climate in Lethbridge
  • Direct linkages to HR practitioners and to local business managers for purposes of job search
  • Clarification of goals and objectives
  • Job search strategies specific to Lethbridge
  • Resume review and development
  • Interview preparation
  • Networking and self-promotion techniques
  • Career testing and assessment