Staffing Options

SELECT recognizes that each business is unique, meaning that the staffing needs of every business is equally as diverse. We offer a variety of staffing options geared at meeting the range of staffing requirements for organizations in Southern Alberta.

Temporary Staffing – Fast, effective and flexible

Extra help at a moment's notice isn’t a problem. Whether you require support handling an unexpected workload, covering vacations, assisting with system conversions or completing special projects, SELECT has qualified employees who are ready to hit the ground running. Temporary workers remain employees of SELECT, and we handle weekly payroll, benefits, taxes, and all employment-related functions. Assignments can range from four hours to months at a time; it’s all based exclusively on what you need, when you need it.

  • Eliminate overtime expenses
  • Staff only when you need them
  • Special projects
  • Extra support during peak seasons
  • Vacation coverage
  • Medical, maternity / parental leave
  • Payroll

Temp-to-Perm Staffing – A working interview

Reduce your risk of hiring mistakes by evaluating performance in a true job setting. Our Temp-to-Perm service allows you to make more accurate hiring decisions. With this option you can evaluate employees on a temporary basis and then decide if you would like to hire the candidate for a full-time position. It gives you a chance to observe their skills first hand, and it gives the employee a chance to get a better feel for the company.

  • Evaluate candidates based on performance
  • Make more effective direct hires
  • Decrease your legal liabilities
  • Explore new business ventures and opportunities with less risk

Direct Hire Staffing – The right person. Full-time. As soon as possible!

We meet exceptional, skilled individuals every day who are eagerly searching for full-time, permanent employment with a great company. In this program, we not only help generate candidates, but also assist you to ensure that you hire the right person. Our comprehensive profile of your business, matched with our careful assessment and selection process of candidates, means that we can introduce you to top talent and have your position filled in a timely, cost-effective manner.

  • Uncover passive candidates
  • Locate candidates with unique skill sets
  • Confidentially recruit from other organizations
  • Access a larger pool of qualified talent

Contract Staffing:

At times companies need to access specific skill sets for special projects or initiatives. Finding the right talent may be difficult, especially when you are not offering permanent employment. Gain instant access to our network of top-notch professionals who will arrive at your site ready and prepared to work. SELECT handles the screening, hiring and paperwork, providing turnkey staffing solutions that eliminate the cost and liability of full-time hiring, and leave you free to fulfill your project expectations and profitability goals.

Let us customize a staffing plan for you!