Types of Temping

SELECT offers a variety of temping options to help you achieve your employment goal, and suit your lifestyle needs.

Temporary Staffing- Keep your options open

You may be seeking a flexible, temporary, or part-time schedule for any number of reasons: you're taking classes, you need to work around your kids' schedules, you're leaving town in a few months, or you want to sample some industries before committing to something long term. Ranging from 4 hours to months at a time, temporary opportunities provide you with maximum flexibility and may even lead to full-time employment.

Temp to Perm Staffing - Interview your employer

This is a great option for you and a potential employer to try things out and see how you can benefit from one another. This 'working interview' gives the businesses we work with a chance to see your skills first hand as well as providing you with the ability to try a job- and an employer- before deciding if it's the right place for you.


At times companies need to access specific skill sets for special projects or initiatives. This is a great option to showcase your skills to an employer while still having the flexibility of a set work term.